Trafiic guide
Directions to Lake Towada / Oirase area

This is an access guide for going to Lake Towada and Ysumiya via Oirase.
Introducing public transportation and car access from major stations and airports in Aomori Prefecture.

To Yakeyama

First, let’s aim for Yakeyama, the gateway to the Oirase Gorge.

More details on how to access

・ From Aomori Station, Shin-Aomori Station, and Hachinohe Station, there is a non-stop JR bus .Please check the platform and time on the JR website.(JR Bus Tohoku Co., Ltd. )
・ From Misawa Station and Shichinohe Towada Station, take a local bus to Towada City and change to a rental car or a local bus bound for Yakeyama. If you use a local bus, use the JR bus from Yakeyama.

Yakeyama – Nenokuchi

Area where you can enjoy walking in Oirase

More details on how to access

・ If you use the JR bus from Aomori Station, Shin-Aomori Station, or Hachinohe Station, you don’t change buses.
・ If you use a local bus from Misawa Station or Shichinohe Towada Station, get off at Yakeyama and change to a JR bus.
・ JR buses stop at several points. You can also enjoy a walk in Oirase.

Nenokuchi – Yasumiya

Area where you can enjoy the nature of Lake Towada while in transit

More details on how to access

・ JR buses go to Yasumiya
・ Pleasure boats departe from and arrive at Nenokuchi-Yasumiya . Surrounded by Lake Towada, you can move while enjoying the lake. (Limited time period. Closed in winter.)
Please check the tour boat’s website for imetables and fees. Towada Kanko Railway Co., Ltd.