The Charm of Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge

A great panorama borne from the power of nature since ancient times.
With this vast nature in the background,Moss, vegetation, humans, and the present…We notice that these are small pieces of nature and history.

Lake Towada, which spreads across both Aomori and Akita prefectures.
The Oirase Gorge flows about 14km from Lake Towada to Nenokuchi to Yakeyama.
Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge are one of the scenic spots that represent Towada Hachimantai National Park.
It is also known as a famous spot for fresh greenery and autumn leaves, especially during the season when it is filled with people who enjoy the four seasons and heal their daily fatigue.

At Lake Towada, you will notice the majestic nature

Lake Towada is a famous scenic spot in the north. When you see the beautiful lake reflecting the sky and the surrounding mountains, and a large open panorama, it is breathtaking.You’ll be surrounded by emotions that can’t be expressed in words.

Lake Towada is a caldera lake formed by volcanic activity that began about 200,000 years ago.
The caldera lake was created by the accumulation of rainwater over a long period of time due to the depression caused by the eruption.

Lake Naka between Ogura Peninsula and Nakayama Peninsula shows a depth of 327m, the 3rd. deepest in Japan.
You can sense the tremendous energy of the eruption that swept through the earth, and the length of time to form.
The four seasons come and go without stopping, and the scenery surrounding the lake has grown constantly, with fresh greenery and colored leaves.
When looking at the spectacular view from the small spot at your feet, you can see the beautiful scenery reflected in the lake.
You can feel small stones, moss, vegetation, and rocks that are part of the nature that makes up this vast landscape. You will notice the greatness of nature’s power.

Driving close to nature
“The Flow of Change and the Forest of Relaxation” Oirase Gorge

Oirase River flows out of Lake Towada. The Oirase Gorge is a stream that runs about 14km from Lake Towada / Nenokuchi to Yakeyama, while separating rocks and trees and forming waterfalls. It is protected as a special scenic spot and a natural monument. It contains waterfalls, clear streams and rocks.
One of the attractions of the Oirase Gorge is that anyone can easily walk around.
Roads and promenades run alongside the stream. A tunnel of trees that wraps around the road always welcome visitors.
Sunlight falls gently on the filter of fresh greenery from spring to summer and autumn leaves.
Every time we take a deep breath near the waterfall, we are dyed in the four seasons and enjoy a sense of being united with nature.
You can feel the clear stream and waterfall without getting out the car.It can be said that it is an open forest for everyone.

Needless to say, the beauty of waterfalls and clear streams flows through nature.Just looking at the majestic and powerful flow, it makes you feel mysterious and refreshed.
All flows have been formed over many years using only the power of nature. You will feel the sacred beauty that cannot be created by human hands.